World Soccer Shop Coupon Codes

Active World Soccer Shop Coupon Codes - Jun 20, 2021
Active World Soccer Shop Coupon Codes - Jun 20, 2021
75% Discount
National Team Gear is waiting for you at World Soccer Shop at the lowest price. Take them now and have greatest playing time with your friend.
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Free Shipping
For those who shop at World Soccer Shop. You will have a chance to take free shipping for your order here.Find out more here.
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5$ Discount
Getting Soccer Games Set DVD with World Soccer Shop for your relax time. This is an occasional chance to save your money. Grab it and see how much you can save
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Great Offer
The chance is for you. Enter the code for Nike Superfly V for $130 at World Soccer Shop.
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75% Discount
With World Soccer Shop coupon, you can take up to 75% off on Select Copa America Gear. No code required.
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50% Discount
50% discount will be for you if you buy footwear. Remember to apply World Soccer Shop coupon code for the sale.
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40% Discount
You can save up to 40% when buying Select Footwear at World Soccer Shop without coupon code. Do take advantage of this chance!.
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50% Discount
You can save up to 50% when buying Select Jerseys at World Soccer Shop. No coupon code needed.
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15% Discount
Receiving 15% sale when you use coupon code to buy items at World Soccer Shop. The coupon code is valid during the holiday.
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80% Discount
Using this coupon code to save up to 80% sale when purchasing Signed Jersey at World Soccer Shop. Do not miss this chance.
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15$ Discount
Enjoy $15 when buying Club Tees at World Soccer Shop. Do not need coupon code.
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60% Discount
You can save up to 60% when buying boot at World Soccer Shop. Coupon code is not required. Do not miss this chance.
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110$ Discount
You can gain up to $110 when buying 2015 AC Milan at World Soccer Shop. No coupon code needed.
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30% Discount
During the time of Arsenal FC 2015, you can buy items cheaper 30% at World Soccer Shop. No coupon code needed.
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80% Discount
In winter footwear sale 2015, you can receive up to 80% if you buy items at World Soccer Shop. Use the coupon to save your money.
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Being honored to be a partner with World Soccer Shop, gives you World Soccer Shop coupon offering you a million chances to enjoy up to 80% discount. That’s great, right? Moreover, free shipping is accepted when making transaction at their store.

World Soccer Shop was founded by Bernard Frei in 2001. World Soccer Shop is the world's leading and ideal destination for soccer gear, jerseys, shirts, cleats, shoes, balls, gear and so on. They also supply high quality soccer equipment for soccer teams and sport events. If they were ordered 20 balls for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, in 2010 the volume increased to 200,000 balls. Don’t hesitate to visit World Soccer Shop to customize new styles for your team’s uniform, shop in a vast clearance as well as update latest and interesting football news, especially on the season of exciting UEFA EURO 2016.


This writings below aims at helping you apply successfully World Soccer Shop coupon code to get promotion.

  •        Firstly, choose your favored item, its size and quantity.

check out step 1 world soccer shop

You can click “Add to wishlist” if you don’t want to purchase it at this time. If not, choose “Add custom item cart”. Remember to click “I understand” when placing your order.

  •  Secondly, in “Shopping cart”, you can change your mind about quantity of product.

check out step 2 world soccer shop

You want to enjoy shopping more, please choose “Keep shopping”. Otherwise, click “Checkout” to make payment.

  • After that, fulfill shipping information, billing information, shipping options, payment method.

check out step 3 world soccer shop

  • Finally, enter World Soccer Shop promo code to save money as much as possible.

check out step 4 world soccer shop

Enjoy sale off and smart shopping!


You are shopping at World Soccer Shop? You would like to know how to return the item you have bought?! Or just want to have knowledge of shipping charges?! Useful information below can help you a lot!

1. How do you define shipping charges for domestic addresses?

Domestic addresses include addresses inside the territories of the United States and its military post offices. For domestic orders under $250, the shipping charges are defined by the type of shipping and the total of your purchase. The delivery costs for orders over $250 are determined by shipping type and weight.

2. How do you calculate shipping rate for international customers?

Being overseas customers, you have to choose “International shipping” before checkout. International shipping rates are depended on the location of delivery and the weight of the package. In addition to the shipping costs prepaid at checkout, you have to pay for custom fees like duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees assessed at the border before delivery.

3. What should I do to return the items when losing the invoice?

You don’t satisfy with the item and want to return it?! Unfortunately, you have lost the invoice or information at the back of the recipient is blank. Don’t worry! Print a copy of their return form on the website. Remember to include all relevant orders and contact information such as email or telephone number. After that, deliver the items with all relevant information to World Soccer Shop Returns, 431 US Highway 70 – A East, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

4. Am I refunded shipping rates when returning an item?

When returning merchandise you have ordered, you will receive a full refund but shipping costs is less. In case of exchanging one item for another one with equal or lesser value, shipping charges are not calculated for domestic customers.

5. What kinds of payments are you accepted when paying for my order?

Understanding the risk and coming up to the expectation of international customers, World Soccer Shop offers many method payments to their customers. World Soccer Shop paypal, credit card, bank transfer and moneygram are accepted when paying for your merchandise.


3 tips to say goodbye to smelly feet when wearing sporty shoes

Everyone has to hold their noses when you take off your shoes?! In order not to face this embarrassing situation again, let’s find out some useful tips below.

1. Keep your feet clean and dry


The smelly feet are resulted from bacteria on your feet. Therefore, it is vital to take care of your feet. Don’t forget to keep the feet clean and dry by washing the feet with warm water and soap every day. Besides, you should soak your feet into warm water together with salt and ginger, dry your feet before going to bed. Doing this way frequently can remove awful stinks and bring out comfortable feeling.

2. Choose the right shoes

When buying a pair of sporty shoes, it is suggested that you seek shoes with net designs or patterns of holes. If so, your feet will become drier and less smelly. Let’s wear your shoes with a pair of socks to reduce sweat of your feet. You are about to purchase a new pair of shoes, welcome to World Soccer Shop and apply World Soccer Shop coupon code to shop smartly with discounted prices.

3. Remove stinks on your shoes

tea bag

There are many ways of eliminating stinks on your shoes. After playing sports, you can put fragrance, tea pack into your shoes to deodorize the awful smell. You also use corn powder so as to desiccate the moisture of your shoes. More importantly, please wash your shoes regularly to keep them clean and fragrant. Also, you had better have many different pairs of shoes to change day to day.

We hope that with these above – mentioned information, you can be confident and comfortable when putting on a pair of shoes!


You find it difficult to find an item and look for help?! World Soccer Shop phone number is available for you, reach us at 1-800-277-7255. Another way is email to them. To get the fastest response, please mention “World Soccer Shop” in the subject line and in the main part of your message, include contact information and your order number before sending a message to Furthermore, visit their Facebook, Twitter to refresh your wardrobe with fashionable and sporty styles as well as update soccer news and experience interesting football matches.