Panera Bread Coupon Codes

Active Panera Bread Coupon Codes - Sep 28, 2021
Active Panera Bread Coupon Codes - Sep 28, 2021
10% Discount
Getting Panera Gift Cards on eBay today to get discount of 10% for your purchase. Take it now.
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Great Offer
Choosing your favorite dish with Today's Soup of the Day program with Panera Bread coupon Check it now to get big savings on your order today.
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Great Offer
Just with some simple steps to sign up for My Panera Email, you can get free Pastry Or Sweet Coupon at Panera Bread. Grab it and apply at your checkout step today.
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20$ Discount
For every $500 spending On Panera Catering, customers can earn $20 in cash with Panera Bread coupon. Buy more, get more to enjoy more with online shopping today.
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22% Discount
Buy discounted Panera Bread gift cards from GiftCard Zen. This is a great way to save even more on your purchase!
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About Panera Bread

Honored to be a partner of Panera Bread, would like to give customers best profits of their purchases on beverage products through a variety of Panera Bread coupon codes. Using these coupons on you purchase at Panera Bread, you can save up to 70% of your payment.

Founded in 1987 with nearly 30 years working in fast food industry, Panera Bread is an American chain of bakery-café fast casual restaurants in the U.S and Canada. The company’s headquarters are in Sunset Hills, Missouri, U.S. With more than 2000 locations (March 2016) spreading over the U.S and Canada, Panera Bread hopes that can best serve their customers with some famous locations such as Panera Bread Fargo, Panera Bread Memphis, Panera Bread Austin and so on. Easily access Panera Bread online via Panera Bread app, customers can find out nearest Panera Bread locations to have meals. Come to Panera Bread catering you can find good quality food with a wide range of choices in Panera Bread menu such as soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and bakery items. Dedicated staffs of Panera Bread will serve customers in a warm, welcoming environment. From establishment, the company has achieved a lot of Panera Bread rewards such as Ranked No. 1 in Hospitality Industry in 2015, Ranked No.4 in Fast Causual’s Top 100 in 2016, Ranked No.1 Most Innovative Company in Food in 2015 an so on. Now Panera Bread has more than 20 rewards nationally for many years creating famous reputation of company in customer’s heart. Besides, with Panera Bread coupons, you also can save more your pocket. Take up this chance and enjoy delicious dishes today.

How To Use The Panera Bread Coupon Codes

How to apply Panera Bread coupon codes for your purchase? The following steps will help you handle this.

Step 1: Login you MyPanera account. You only can apply Panera Bread coupon if you login.

Panera Bread coupon code box

Step 2: Choosing a location, time and items you want to buy then place an order. Then apply your coupon codes on the left side of the Checkout screen to get discounts.

Wish you success with Panera Bread coupon and have great meal! 

FAQs Of Panera Bread

When purchasing at Panera Bread, if you have any problems, these following information may be helpful for you.

1. Can I pick up my Rapid Pick-Up order in the Drive-Thru?

For the greatest convenience of customers, Panera Bread offers their Rapid Pick-Up order shelves which are located in a specific spot in each of their bakery-cafes. Many of their locations are designated parking to have customers easily get Rapid Pick-Up order.

2. Is there a minimum order size for online Panera Catering orders?

The minimum order size for online Panera Catering orders depends on how you would like to receive for your order and specific location also offers specific minimum limit set. Online Catering orders are generally for 5-100 people.

3. I placed my Rapid Pick-Up order - what's next?

After you successfully placed and paid for your order at Panera Bread, you can simply stop by the bakery-cafe and pick your order up off the Rapid Pick-Up shelf. You don’t need to check in at the register or talk to anyone at the café.

4. How can I get a receipt/invoice for a previous Rapid Pick-Up or Catering online order?

You get a receipt for your Rapid Pick-Up order is to log in with your MyPanera account information when placing your order then access My Orders section and view receipt for your part order. Besides you also can receive a confirmation email in which provides your order information.

Hope that the provided information will be useful for your purchasing and keep in mind applying Panera Bread promo codes to save your pocket.

Panera Bread Tips - Have A Healthy Salad

As a delicious and healthy food for our health, salad is a popular dish in every meal of many families. But how to have a healthier salad with proper ingredients, this article will show you this.

1. Nutritious foundation

Having a nutritious base for your salad is the first thing should be considered in making a healthy salad. Some vegetables containing folic acid and lutein such as mesclun greens, baby spinach, or dark green lutteces are good for your health without much calories which can increase your weight. Besides, these ingredients will be very tasty and nutrient rich base.

Panera Bread coupon code box

2. Salad dressing

Dressing is another factor creating a delicious salad. If your dressing is no good, it will destroy the whole meal even if how good the base is. So making dressing with appropriate ratio will help you have a favorite one. This ratio is often three parts oil to one part vinaigrette. However you can skew it more towards two to one. Once you know right ratio, you can mix with a lot of ingredients.

Salad Dressing Panera Bread

3. Herbs

To make your salad more delicious, you can add some herbs in it. Leafier herbs like cilantro or parsley are good for your choice. However you should choose right herbs for each types of salad such as toss cilantro for taco salad, basil for tomato-mozzarella salad and mint for feta-olive salad.

Herbs for salad

Hope that with the above information, you will able to make your own favorite and nutritious salad Besides, if you don’t want to make it and still have a fast and delicious salad, check with various dishes and Panera Bread ingredients for your choice. 


To order by phone or speak with a Panera Bread Customer Service Representative, call Panera Bread phone number at 855-372-6372 from 5am – 10pm CDT or send your questions via live chat from Monday-Friday (7am – 6pm CDT). Besides, customers can order easier than ever with Panera Bread app. Or stay connected with Panera Bread social network to get various new deals: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Foursquare.