Paint Nite Coupon Codes

Active Paint Nite Coupon Codes - May 16, 2021
Active Paint Nite Coupon Codes - May 16, 2021
45% Discount
Know how to draw your own picture and enjoy drinking with new friends at a cosy atmosphere with only from $30 for a ticket. Too much fun you can get with this little amount of money. Find out more.
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20$ Discount
Using this Paint Nite coupon to get more extra savings for your budget when shopping for tickets. Having your own masterpiece at low price today.
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45% Discount
If you do not know what to do or where to go this weekend, may be this Paint Nite ticket can bring you a happy relax time. Try it now at promotional price today.
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Great Offer
Having an unforgettable memory this weekend with event from Paint Nite at lowest cost ever. Only with $24.75, you can buy a ticket for enjoy the whole party.
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35% Discount
Signing up an account can bring you more benefits than you can expect. Having an account now and enjoy big savings on buying Paint Nite tickets.
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20$ Discount
Get a ticket for this weekend with promotional prices from Paint Nite coupons. Check it now to get more big offers.
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About Paint Nite

It takes you all weeks to waiting for the weekends, then you do not know how to make some funs for yourself. Going to the cinema, picnic at the park or go shopping at supermarket? You are getting bored of all those familiar activities. Buying a Paint Nite Ticket for this weekend may bring you a new breath of relax. Here at TheDailyCoupons, we provide customers with a dose of Paint Nite coupon codes with the help of reducing your cost on purchasing tickets for joining in Paint Nite. Taking part in a night of fun, drinks, and little of art this weekend with a promotional ticket up to 50% off by using Paint Nite coupons.

Paint Nite provides their service of hosting paint nights for the locals across the country. You can check their calendar for an event near you, share with some friends and head on out for a night of entertainment. Do not be so worried about your painting experience, there will be an artist who will guide you through the steps to help you create your own masterpiece. All you need to do is showing up at the night, they will take care of all the supplies, paint and smocks. Taking a Paint Nite ticket today with Paint Nite promo codes to enjoy the best two hours of your life with painting, drinking, and laughing.

How To Use The Paint Nite Coupon Codes

1.     Enter your zip code to find the event that near your home.

2.     Choose the ticket of event that you want to join.

3.     Click on Checkout and enter your coupons in the code box.

How to use the Paint Nite coupon codes

FAQs Of Paint Nite

1.     Can I refund my ticket?
No, you cannot. Paint Nite tickets are typically non-refundable. If you have any concerns, you can contact them via the email .

2.     Can Kids come?
Paint Nite provides services to a 21+ audience. The length of their events and their brand all geared toward an adult crowd. However, exceptions for kids attending Private Events and Fundraisers can be made depending on the region. If you want to invites kids, you can discuss with your Event Coordinator for more details.

3.     How long does a Paint Nite event last?
Events are typically around 2 hours including: check in, tips, tricks and instruction from your artist. By the end of the event, you will have a fantastic masterpiece to take home.

4.     Do I need to bring a ticket or confirmation with me?
No, you do not. All you need to do is giving your name to the artist when you arrive. You should have an ID handy because the venue may card you to get in. 

Paint Nite Tricks - Acrylics Painting Tips For Beginners

Acrylics Paint is among top choices for beginning painter due to its characteristics such as: water-soluble, dries quickly and versatile. Painting with acrylics, you will have chances to repaint every area you want easily. Unlike oils, acrylics can be cleaned up with just soap and water. Here are some tips for using acrylics.

Keep paint wet

The acrylic can be hard to blend colors and edges because it dries so fast. You should keep your paint wet and workable, use a filbert brush, and then go over the area you want blended with a clean dry brush to soften the edge even more.

Paint quickly

Beginning painter tend to work slowly and carefully on their painting while the paint on their palette is drying. It can be a challenging for them when they go to re-load their brush then they discover it has become unworkable. Therefore, you should try to paint the largest brush you can for as long as you can and save the details for the end. This will also prevent your painting from becoming too tight.

Medium-sized flat brush

A good medium-sized flat brush can work with most things. It can support you when going with either a broader stroke or a thinner stroke. For a more gestural stroke, you should hold your brush further firm the ferrule and bristles. Otherwise, you should hold it closer to the bristles for more control when painting detail.

Painting In Layers

This kind of paint is greater when painting in layers. Acrylic dries not only quickly, but into an insoluble, water-resistant flexible paint film as well. This means that you can paint on top of previous layers of acrylic paint without fear of lifting the color beneath.


If you have any questions related to Paint Nite services, method of payment, Paint Nite coupon and so on, mail them via or chat with them during their working hours. If you often surf the internet, connect with them through Facebook and Twitter.