Lyft Coupon Codes

Active Lyft Coupon Codes - May 16, 2021
Active Lyft Coupon Codes - May 16, 2021
50% Discount
You will get $50 off your first 10 rides at Lyft. You just need to apply this code. For​ new customer only.
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Great Offer
You have chances to get Sarasota Minimum Fare with the price of $3.50. No code needed!
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Great Offer
Lyft offers you Sarasota Maximum Fare at the price of $200 thanks to this offer. Limited time only!
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16$ Discount
Lyft provides a lot of coupon code. If it is the first time you bought Ride, you can get $16 with this Lyft code.
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5$ Discount
Lyft gives you $5 off on your first ride. Take chance before it is too late.
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Great Offer
Take advantage of Lyft discount code for one free ride at Lyft. Shop now.
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Great Offer
With the help of Lyst promo codes, you can enjoy Your First Ride FREE. Take this chance soon.
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Great Offer
You are new rider? Come and shop at Lyft to get FREE Ride For New Riders.
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10$ Discount
You had better take Lyft discount codes soon to enjoy $10 OFF Your Ride. The sale is limited time only.
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10$ Discount
Applying Lyft coupon during check out helps you save a lot. $10 Credit and First Ride FREE is for you.
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10$ Discount
Lyft gives you many discounts when placing an order at their website. $10 OFF Your First FREE Ride is offered to you when making transaction at their website.
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3$ Discount
You are Lyft's customer? $3 Discount On First Ride is for when shopping at their store or website.
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You are on summer vacation or business trip. Unfortunately, you get lost and don’t know how to return your hotel? More importantly, you are in place that are hard to catch a taxi or else. Don’t worry! In this case, you just need to download Lyft app, choose Lyft request and Lyft driver with Lyft taxi will take you where you want to go. Especially, taking Lyft coupon codes from, you can save up to 50% discount on your Lyft ride. That’s great, right? Take this chance before it is too late!

Located in San Francisco, California, Lyft is known as a transportation network company in United States of America. Co - founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer in June 2012, Lyft is offering safe and on - demand transportation to thousands of organizations as well as people all over the world. They provide ridesharing network for short trip by connecting Lyft driver with cars to passengers that would like to have Lyft ride. Currently, Lyft has operated in more than 200 US cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and so on. Lyft gives you 4 ways to ride: Lyft Line - a shared ride, Lyft - a personal ride, Lyft Plus - an oversized ride and Lyft Premier - a high - end ride. More and more interesting information regarding Lyft career and more as well as amazing deal are offered to you at Lyft. Take your time to discover now!


After picking Lyft codes, you want to apply it to enjoy discount. Unfortunately, you have no idea about the way to apply Lyft discount codes. Follow some steps below to find out the solutions.

  • Step 1: After downloading Lyft app into your smartphone, open it. Choose one of 4 options on the screen: Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier and your destination. The driver will take you to wherever you want.

check out step 1 Lyft

  • Step 2: When the ride ends, make payment and rate the driver via your phone.

check out step 2 Lyft

Don’t forget to use Lyft promo codes on the payment screen to save more on your ride.

Wish you safe and lucky ride!


You would like to take Lyft number or get more about Lyft prices or Lyft price estimate? Read some common questions below. They are wished to solve your problems.

1. How can I cancel Lyft ride?

If you no longer need a Lyft airport, you may cancel it via the app on your phone. Simply choose the “Cancel Ride” button in the bottom left corner of the Lyft app and confirm that you want to make cancellation. Keep in mind that you will be charged a cancellation fee in case of cancellations.

2. What does Lyft prices include?

Lyft prices are calculated based on base fare, cost per mile and cost per minute. Base fare is the amount of money passengers pay to begin the ride. Cost per mile is the amount of money the driver gets per mile in the region where the ride starts. Similarly, cost per minute is the amount of money the drive gain in the location where the ride begins.

3. What is Prime Time?

When there are shortage of drivers for the Lyft ride requests, passengers may pay an additional percentage on top of base fare, cost per mile and cost per minute.

4. What are Lyft credits?

Lyft credits are understood as cash on your account. In the Lyft app, Lyft Credits are used across multiple rides until they expire. Lyft credits apply to the Lyft fare itself as well as extra fees without tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees related to the ride.

Have a safe and reasonable ride!


Lyft ride for every occasion

Nowadays, travelling as well as commuting becomes vital part of people’s life. Let’s make your transportation easier and cheaper with Lyft ride.

1. Business travel

You are businessman and always have business trip in America per month? Let’s make your business travel easier and more convenient with the help of Lyft Premier. Reasonable transportation for flight as well as town meetings is offered to you. You don’t need to worry about late flight and other commuting issues when having business travel.

2. Daily commutes

You don’t want to go to work by underground or bus? Lyft app can help you in this case. You can choose Lyft or Lyft Plus in Lyft app. If you would like to reduce your commuting cost, Lyft Plus is your smart choice because you can share Lyft prices with others.

3. Late night rides

You usually have night party with partners? You have to drink so you can’t drive after the party is over. Notably, at midnight, it is hard for you to call a taxi. However, Lyft ride is willing to serve you. Just open Lyft app and choose one of 4 options and then, Lyft driver will arrive soon and pick you up.

To get more information on their service, feel free to access to their website. When the ride ends, remember to enter Lyft coupon codes to get big savings on your ride.


Making effort to satisfy customers with quality service and better customer service, they offer customers with lots of Lyft contact. For further information on Lyft price or Lyft ride, you can call them at Lyft phone number: 855-865-9553. To get more details on Lyft driver or more, simply making friends with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or downloading their app on iPhone or Android to enjoy great Lyft promotions from Lyft.