Handy Coupon Codes

Active Handy Coupon Codes - Apr 08, 2020
Active Handy Coupon Codes - Apr 08, 2020
35$ Discount
You first booking that you place at Handy will be discounted $35. You just need to apply this code to get it. Enjoy!
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50$ Discount
You will get $50 free credits when you apply this code at the checkout before you submit your order. Do not miss this chance.
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20% Discount
When coming to Handy, customers can get up to 20% OFF for interior painting for new home services. So, customers should use this chance to save more money.
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10% Discount
When shopping online in Handy, customers not only take up to 10% OFF for order but also enjoy many wonderful values for health in the future.
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50$ Discount
This is a wonderful chance for customers to save more money for the use services in Handy. Customers will save up to $50 OFF for house cleaning.
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25$ Discount
If you are a new customer in Handy, you will have the chance to get many special gifts for​ sale up to $25 OFF for your first cleaning.
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67$ Discount
Handy often creates many exclusive deals for customers when shopping online in the store as save up to $67 OFF for 3-hour moving service.
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35$ Discount
When shopping online in Handy, customers will take many big deals in the store as save up to $35 OFF for your first cleaning instantly.
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About Handy

You are a busy person and you don’t have much time to clean the home? Are you finding an address to help you solve these problems? Don’t worry! Handy – the leader in household services will together with you. To support customers for the use household services with the best attractive prices in Handy, our website – TheDailyCoupons often provides and updates continuously Handy coupon code. Besides, Handy also often brings many exclusive deals but customers can not find anywhere else as sale up to $35 OFF for your first cleaning instantly, 10% OFF for your order and 20% OFF for furniture assembly for new home services with the use Handy cleaning promo code. This is a wonderful chance for customers to save more time and money in life. Moreover, when coming to Handy, customers should use Handy discount code plus Handy free cleaning to get many special gifts and enjoying many interesting experiences in the store.

Handy is founded in 2012 with headquarter in New York, United States. Handy provides all kinds of services for house cleaning with the best professional working style. With over 200 employees, Handy are always available to serve customer’s request in the shortest time. Besides, we often provide all Handy coupon codes in many kinds of Handy services in the store. 

How To Use Handy Coupon Code

To choose any services with Handy coupon code, you only need to implement following these steps in Handy. When you selected services that you wish, you will click on the button “Get A Price” to move to the next step. On the second of the page, you will see a box that you must paste your Handy coupon code and click on the button “Apply”. Finally, your total bill will be discounted in Handy. 

How To Use Handy Coupon Code

FAQs Of Handy

1. Can’t I cancel or change my booking?

No, customers can completely cancel or change any requests in Handy. It is very easy for customers to perform this on your booking page. You only need to access to Handy’s website and implement according to instructions on the page.

2. Why is my booking canceled?

Your booking can be canceled in some cases as your time and date are not available in Handy or your credit card number is wrong. However, Handy will send a message via email for you to announce about this status.

3. Which payment methods will Handy accept?

Handy only can accept some payment methods such as Visa, Amex, Discover. Besides, Handy will not agree with other payment methods in the store. So, customers also should regard carefully before paying to Handy.

4. How does your pricing work?

Cleaning services in Handy are priced on a per hour  with a minimum booking of 2 hours. Besides, Handy also supplies many deeper clean services as fridge or garden cleaning in the home. 

Handy Tips & Tricks: How To Book Schedule For Household Services

You are a modern woman and you don’t have much time to clean your house every day. You always feel tired and bored with home cleaning because you have too many things to do in 24 hours. Are your finding a trusted address to clean your house? In the simplest way, you should visit Handy to choose the best professional services for house cleaning. Because Handy will provide all kinds of services for house cleaning as cleaning, handyman, plumbing, electrical, moving help, painting, and furniture assembly in the store. Besides, when coming to Handy, customers will have the chance to get many exclusive promotions, as well as enjoying many wonderful values in life. So, how to book schedule for household services in Handy? If you are finding all information about this problem, you can note some tips below.

About the choice time and date

Your first work is to choose time and date for household services in Handy. Besides, you must fill some personal information about your place as a number of rooms for cleaning, required time or some other requests for cleaning in your house. Customers can completely believe about Handy’s services because of your booking online in 60 seconds, the schedule of cleaning will be as early as tomorrow. However, in some cases, Handy can not provide home cleaning services for time or date as customers wish due to the emerging demands.

Handy household services

When would you like Handy to come?

After you selected time and date for home cleaning services, you should choose a suitable time for Handy to come. You should not choose the time that you are not the house because you can require some extra works during the cleaning staff. Moreover, if you don’t feel unsatisfied with any services, Handy is ready to refund your money as soon as possible. Besides, you also can download the app to access booking management tools in Handy. 


Customers can send a message via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ask or request any problems in Handy. Handy is always available 24/7 to answer all questions of customers in the shortest time with the best professional style.