Hale Groves Coupon Codes

Active Hale Groves Coupon Codes - Jan 15, 2021
Active Hale Groves Coupon Codes - Jan 15, 2021
10% Discount
If customers place any order at Hale Groves in the first time customers can get 10% OFF for the pocket. So, customers should​ not skip this chance to save money.
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Free Shipping
If you want to buy Floridas Best Citrus Gift Box with the best prices, you can visit Hale Groves. Because you need to pay only $39.98 to own it. Also, free shipping is for you.
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About Hale Groves

In daily life, when we go to the market to buy fruits, we often wonder about how to buy delicious and quality fruits. Therefore, choosing and buying fruits in reputable store is very important. Hale Groves is really an ideal shop for shopping. To support customers when shopping online, our website – TheDailyCoupons often provides and updates continuously Hale Groves coupon code so that customers can buy products with the cheapest prices. Apart from selling the highest quality and tree-ripened fruits such as honeybells, oranges, ruby red grapefruit… Hale Groves often creates many attractive promotions to save money for pocket by applying Hale Groves coupon or Hale Groves promo code.

Nestled among Florida orange and grapefruit trees, in the heart of the world famous Indian River Citrus District, Hale Groves abound with fresh-off-the-tree citrus like you can't find anywhere else. It was founded in 1947 by Steve and Polly Hale. One thing that customers can feel secure when shopping at Gaiam is fruit quality, customer service, shipping and satisfaction guarantee. Customers can check and see via Hale Groves reviews. In addition, our website will often update all Hales Groves coupon codes in many kinds of products such as navel oranges, sugar belles…

How To Use Hale Groves Coupon Code

To use Hale Groves coupon code, you need to carry out these simple steps. After choosing a product that you want to buy, you need to fill in your ship to information, select estimated arrival and click button “Add To Cart”. Then, you will continuously press button “View Cart” and you will see a box that you must paste your Hale Groves coupon code. Click on “Apply” and your total will be discounted.

How to use Hale Groves coupon code

FAQs Of Hale Groves

1.      How does Hale Groves ship packages?

Products of Hale Groves are shipped in climate-controlled trucks to a distribution center near you. The package is then delivered right to your door by the US Post Office.

2.      What is Freshness Guarantee?

It means: If the gift you order does not arrive fresh and perfect or if you and your gift recipients are not totally delighted, we will make it right.

3.      Does Hale Groves ship to Canada?

- Hale Groves only ships to the following provinces: Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes.

- Standard shipping and handling to Canada will have an additional $5 charge per package.

- For Christmas Delivery, your order must be in our hands by December 12th.

- Normal delivery time is 10 - 14 days.

4.      How to care for citrus?

Oranges maintain flavor and quality for up to six weeks when refrigerated between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You should not store in a plastic bag.

Hale Groves Tips & Tricks: Excellent Benefits Of Oranges

Orange is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. British scientists said:  "On an average, an orange contains about 170 mg of phytochemicals including anti-aging substances." Orange can bring a lot of benefits that you do not expect. Here are the following main benefits of orange.

1. Supporting digestion

Supporting digestion - Hale Groves

Oranges are rich in fiber, which acts to support the digestive process. This fruit also helps prevent gastric ulcer and acid reflux. So, you should add an orange to the daily diet, especially if you are having problems with chronic constipation. In addition, the components in oranges also help prevent stomach problems.

2. Improving physical strength

Drinking orange juice adding salt after exercising and sweating is how to improving physical strength quickly. Because fructose or fruit sugar and 85% water in oranges will quickly be absorbed by the body.

3. Improving eyesight

Oranges are rich in carotenoids and vitamin A. These substances help improve eyesight, especially good for women meeting problems with macular degeneration.

4. Anti-cancer

The scientists have recently published a research of the anti-cancer effects of orange juice. It contains flavonoids such as hesperitin and naringinin. Study has shown that the orange juice reduces leukemia of children, as well as against breast cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Benefits of orange - Hale Groves

The scientists said the orange juice has effect of anti-inflammatory. If you are ill relating to arthritis, orange juice can actually help reduce this disease.

6. Avoiding flu

Drinking a glass of orange juice per day can help you avoid common complaints such as cold and flu. Orange juice contains a high proportion of vitamin C, substances are useful in boosting the immune system.

7. Good for people that are ill about angiocardiopathy and high blood pressure

If you are not a diabetic, you can drink orange juice with honey, the high amount of potassium in orange juice can lower high blood pressure.


If you have any questions or requests to Hale Groves, you can call to number 1-800-990-8884 or send a message via Facebook, or follow us in Pinterest and Youtube. Hale Groves will try their best to answer questions of customers in the shortest time.