Gazelle Coupon Codes

Active Gazelle Coupon Codes - Apr 12, 2021
Active Gazelle Coupon Codes - Apr 12, 2021
10% Discount
Enjoy the 10% off on any Galaxy Samsung items today if you are a big fan of this brand. Lots of latest products are on sale for your choice. Find out more.
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5% Discount
Selling your devices at good prices and enjoy big savings of 5% cash back. Make use of your used items today with the Gazelle coupons.
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5% Discount
Apply your Gazelle coupon when you subscribe and save extra 5% OFF on the sell value. Limited time for this saving.
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Great Offer
It is great time for you to buy a pre-owned iPad at even better prices now. Everything is in your hand, take it now.
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Great Offer
Having a new version of Iphone at a best price with high quality service from Gazelle can brighten up your rainy days. Pick one and get promotions at our site.
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10$ Discount
Sharing this wonderful service for your friends is not only brings you $10 for your purchase, but help others save their money as well. Use this coupon code to get your offer now.
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50$ Discount
Make one of new Iphone version be affordable for you with this Gazelle coupons. Find out more.
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About Gazelle

If you intend to sell your used smart phone to save money for a new updated version, is one of top destination for you. Being a partner of Gazelle, TheDailyCoupons is happy to provide you with a variety of Gazelle coupon codes which can help you make the most of your unwanted electronics. Browsing at, you can get great deals on numerous electronic devices. They enable you to buy a pre-owned MacBook or iPhone on a limited budget. Moreover, you also able to sell your used items with no advertising cost. At, sellers can get access to a large network of customers and consumers can take advantage of their wide range of certificated pre-owned devices.

Founded in 2007, Gazelle has become one of the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site where you can buy and sell pre-owned device for cash. Gazelle offer a fast, easy and safe way to earn money from your used electronics. You can shop for an excellent number of electronic items: Gazelle iPhone, Gazelle MacBook, iPads, tablets, computer and so more at unbeatable prices with Gazelle discount codes. The company handled more than 2 million consumer devices and paid out more than $250 for items customers no longer needed. Enjoy the new way to reuse your consumer electronics now with Gazelle coupons to get most from this service.

How To Use The Gazelle Coupon Code

1.     Choose your preferred devices

2.     Add it to your basket

3.     Press on “ Proceed to Checkout” and enter your code in the promotional box

How to use the Gazelle coupon codes

FAQs Of Gazelle

1.     How does Gazelle calculate the value of my item?
The Gazelle has invested in patent pending tools that use data such as market demand, business costs and available inventory to calculate a competitive offer for your item. They are constantly looking at the markets and competition to offer customer the best price with the most reliable and easy service when trading.

2.     Which type of electronics does Gazelle buy?
Gazelle specialize in buying mostly Apple products including: iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, Macs, selected Apple TVs and Apple Displays. They also buy a select group of other brands like Samsung and Microsoft.

3.     When does my offer expire?
Your offer often lasts 30 days, except for special promotions. Because the value of electronics declines quickly over time, they can only hold your offer for 30 days. If they receive your item after 30 days, they will inspect it and send you revised offer reflecting the current offer value. You also have chance to get your item back with no shipping fee if you are not satisfied with the revised offer.

4.     How long does it take to receive my payment?
It should take a day or two days for processing when they receive your item. The payment is processed within 3-5 business days if the model and condition are confirmed.

Gazelle Tips - How To Extend The iPad Battery Life

Running out of energy is the most troublesome thing that people experience while using electronic devices. It is so inconvenient to bring adapter when travelling. And iPad is one of them. Follow some tips below to get better battery life from your iPad to keep yourself from those troubles.

Turn Off 3G

If you are using a free Wi-Fi network and have nothing to do with 3G, turn off this function is a good way to save energy for your iPad. Simply go to Settings> Cellular Data> Select off to turn off your 3G.

Turn Off GPS And Bluetooth

Your iPad will last a few more hours when you need it by turn off GPS and Bluetooth. For switching off Bluetooth, you can go to Settings> General> Bluetooth> Slide to off. For disabling GPS, you go for Setting> Location Service> Slide to off.

Adjust Display Brightness

The biggest battery consumer on any electronic devices like laptops, smartphone, or table is always the display or screen. Adjusting your display brightness down and making the screen lock faster are effective ways to save a bunch of battery life. You can go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper to adjust the display. To make the Ipad screen lock faster, please head to Settings> General> Auto-Lock. The display on the Ipad will automatically closed within some minutes of inactivity.

Keep The Ipad Away From Temperature Extremes

Extremely high or low temperatures can cause the battery life to decrease. The ideal condition to keep the iPad is between 0ºC and 35ºC. You should not to use your iPad when charging, it can increase the temperature of the Ipad and damage the battery.


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