Gaiam Coupon Codes

Active Gaiam Coupon Codes - May 26, 2022
Active Gaiam Coupon Codes - May 26, 2022
80% Discount
Seasonal Clearance Sale! The big offer from Gaiam is for you. When you buying products at store, you will have a chance of discounting up to 80%. You should not skip this attractive offer
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59% Discount
Mini Stepper with Resistance Cords plus Bonus CD are sale 59% at Gaiam. No coupon code required. Enjoy this discount.
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15% Discount
Gaiam always provides many offers for customers to save money for their pocket. Customers can save 15% OFF for Mix and Match a 3-Piece yoga set
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40$ Discount
When you shop at Gaiam, you can save $40 OFF for Step360. Come to Gaiam and enjoy it!
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20% Discount
Gaiam often gives many super exclusive deals to customers when shopping online as taking 20% OFF for entire orders, and free shipping for purchase of $85 or more
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About Gaiam

Yoga is considered an exercise therapy combining the body and the mind to help people prevent disease and improve health. If you are practicing yoga, you should invest in the tools and products that support you to achieve best results. So, Gaiam is an excellent place for shopping. To support customers when shopping online, our website – TheDailyCoupons often provides and updates continuously Gaiam coupon code so that customers can buy products with the cheapest prices. Apart from selling the highest quality products such as Gaiam yoga towel, Gaiam yoga chair, yoga clothing, Gaiam foam roller… Gaiam often creates many attractive promotions to save money for pocket by applying sale programs or Gaiam promo code.

Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. Gaiam brands include Gaiam, focused on yoga and fitness; Gaiam Restore, focused on wellness; SPRI focused on fitness, and its eco-travel business, Natural Habitat Adventures. Gaiam has a wide distribution network that consists of approximately 38,000 retail doors, 18,000 store within stores, 5,000 category management locations, and e-commerce. One thing that customers can feel secure when shopping at Gaiam is prices and quality of products. Customers can check and see via Gaiam reviews. In addition, our website will often update all Gaiam coupon codes in many kinds of products such as Gaiam yoga mat, Gaiam ball chair

How To Use Gaiam Coupon Code

To use Gaiam coupon code, you need to carry out these simple steps. After choosing an item that you want to buy, click button “Add To Cart”. Then, you will continuously press button “View Cart” and you will see a box that you must paste your Gaiam coupon code. Click on “Apply” and your total will be discounted.

How to use Gaiam coupon code

FAQs Of Gaiam

1.      What types of payment does Gaiam accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover with a billing address in the United Sates. Customers can also use a Gaiam Gift Certificate as a method of payment.

2.      Does Gaiam ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we do ship to APO/FPO addresses.

3.      Which types of shipping does Gaiam provide?

You can select the appropriate shipping method for how quickly you would like to receive your order. We offer Standard Ground/USPS service and UPS 2-day service.

4.      Does Gaiam charge sale tax?

We charge sales tax for orders shipping to California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Tennessee or Texas. This will automatically be added to your order.

Gaiam Tips & Tricks: Foods Are Good For Person That Practices Yoga

Yoga is good for your health. But you need to know that yoga will become more effective when you choose a reasonable diet. During practicing yoga, you should eat the following nutritious foods.

1. Pears

Pear - Gaiam

Pear contains a high fiber content, it is rich in fructose and sucrose. It is monosaccharides (simple sugars), help you have more energy to be able to continue to practice yoga.

2. Grains

Grains - Gaiam

Before practicing yoga, you should have a snack with carbohydrate-rich foods. Using grains would be the perfect choice to meet this criteria.

3. Bananas

Banana - Gaiam

Banana is an excellent source of digestible carbohydrate. Banana is also a plentiful supply of potassium, a nutrient can help you reduce cramp.

4. Green vegetables

Vegetables - Gaiam

Vegetables such as kale, spinach are a great source of protein, iron, calcium and fiber that help your blood alkali. They are also a source of vitamin B. So it's best to combine them into salad after training.

5. Pecans

Pecan - Gaiam

The sweet of this fruit contains vitamin B1 and B6 B, helps the body convert food into energy. Pecan also contains antioxidants and monounsaturated fat, a fat that studies show it can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Radishes

Radish - Gaiam

The nitrate in the radishes helps expand blood vessels to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. In return, the lactic acid is not agglomerated in the muscles (the agglomeration of lactic acid causes the hot feeling while practicing yoga). So after practicing yoga, eating radish is an effective way to reduce pain and fatigue.

7. Watermelons

Watermelon - Gaiam

Watermelon is a fruit with a very high water content. Watermelon juice will help your body supplement water after practicing yoga.

8. Honey

Honey - Gaiam

Practicing yoga can make your body exhausted, so it is important that you have to keep the circulatory system in balance. Honey is one of foods provide the most natural source of energy for the body. You can mix honey with warm water or herbal tea to balance the circulatory system in the body.


If you have any questions or requests to Gaiam, you can call to number 1-877-989-6321 or send a message via Facebook, Twitter, or follow us in Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. Gaiam will try their best to answer questions of customers in the shortest time.