BarkBox Coupon Codes

Active BarkBox Coupon Codes - Jul 02, 2020
Active BarkBox Coupon Codes - Jul 02, 2020


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About BarkBox

Do you like an animal? Do you want your pets to be as happy and healthy as you do? Keep your eye at BarkBox and get convenient service. As a partner of BarkBox, we are honored to provide BarkBox coupon code. Make your dog's day with a monthly delivery of treats and toys from BarkBox with free Extra Month. You can also get a three-month or six-month subscription for monthly delivery of dog goodies from BarkBox with 41% off and BarkBox free shipping on any subscription. Come to BarkBox and take the advantage from BarkBox promotion code.

BarkBox was founded in 2011, which is a subscription service that sends you a monthly shipment tailored to your pet. BarkBox always gives these special values with BarkBox offers which all customers can be comfortable. They want to bring to all dogs a good luck by delivering them the best the world has to offer. A handpicked selection of high-quality dog products will be available for you each month from toys and innovative gadgets to gourmet treats, bones, hygiene products and essentials BarkBox coupon. Stop at BarkBox and enjoy everything with all-natural treats and super fun toys — paw-picked around a new theme each month.

How To Use The BarkBox Coupon Code

1.         Choose time period that you want to buy including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months…

2.         Select your delivery method. You can choose Choose between sending a BarkBox directly or digitally via email and print.

3.         Fill full your information.

4.         Go to check out some related information as delivery, price…

5.         If you have BarkBox coupon code, enter in “coupon code” box and click on apply to finish the process.

How To Use The BarkBox Coupon Code

Well now, you are getting the best prices for your favorite items. Share with your friends for more incentives received.

FAQs of BarkBox

  1. Can I get BarkBox free shipping?

Yes of course. BarkBox is free shipping on any subscription within the lower 48 state and just $5 fee to ship the US and Canada. BarkBox always make shipping easy for all customers.

  1. What should we do if my BarkBox arrived damaged?

It is a pity, but you don’t worry about that. Please write to and make sure that your BarkBox will be replaced.

  1. Can I change the size during my subscription?

Yes, you can change sizes each month, but you have to make the change on your account before the 5th of the month.

  1. How much does BarkBox cost?

The price of 1 month is $29, 6 month is $24 a month so the total is $144. If you choose 12 months, the price is $240 for all. Remember that, it can include $5 shipping charge per box for all shipments outside of the 48 contiguous states.

BarkBox Tips And Tricks To Take Care Your Dog

For many people, take care of dog is not simple. But, before you bringing a dog into your family, it is so important to know how to care of it. Don’t worry, here are some basic guides  which provide all the key aspects of dog-care.

Feeding dog

You can use the dry food on your dog. The dry food is quite cheap, so you can save your money and use a long time. Although it is not tasty as wet food, but it has also some benefits on dental health. Canned food is also the great choice which is much tastier for dogs to eat ...Remember that, you don’t feed your dog certain human foods as alcohol, grapes and raisins, chocolate, coffee and tea, garlic and onions… Because they are toxic for dogs.

Dry food

Caring for the health of a dog

You need to bring your dog to veterinarians regularly and check-up and get your dog vaccinated. It is a good idea in order to protect your dog from this deadly disease.

Caring for the health of a dog

Grooming a dog

Let brush your dog regularly will help to reduce shedding and you will have a chance to assess the state of your dog's body. Besides, you can keep your dog's coat clean to avoid the skin infections.

Grooming a dog

Exercising, socializing, and playing with your dog

Walking is a good exercise for your dog. Your dog should go on at least two small walks or one big walk a day. Moreover, you need to stimulate your dog's mind by teaching him to sit, stay, and come when called. You can also allow the dog to play and display behaviors that are normal for the breed.

Exercising, socializing, and playing with your dog


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